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AS100 is the HERO innovative and unique Automatic Dispenser with integrated Shaker in the market, covered by international patent and designed on the needs of the Small Point of Sale to tint small volumes of paint in cans/pails of any size.


  • Circuits number: Max. 16
  • Version for water-based and universal colorants (version for solvent-based colorants is available on request)
  • Canisters content: 2 litres
  • Minimum dosing quantity: 1/1000fl.oz. (0,03ml)
  • Automatic humidifier cap: YES
  • Elevator: manual
  • Photocell for the can/pail presence: available on request


  • Max. can/pail weight: 35kg
  • Min. can/pail height: 50mm
  • Max. can/pail height: 400mm
  • Type of can/pail: round, oval
  • Settings: 3 different clamping power according to the can/pail dimension (big, medium, small); 3 different agitation cycle time.
  • Motor power: 0,75kw

Dimensions: w 700mm x d 700mm x h 1550mm

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Pitagora AS100
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